Limited Company Accountants

Remaining as tax efficient as possible, whilst being 100% compliant is what we do best at Quay Contractors. We specialise in assisting Limited Company Contractors with their statutory accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, corporation tax returns and self-assessment returns. We handle everything for you, taking away the administration hassle associated with running your own company, so you can keep doing what you do best.

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why choose limited

Why choose Quay as your specialist Limited Company contractor accountants?

We’re friendly and proactive – we understand that accounting can be intimidating and boring, but our enthusiastic team are on hand to offer help and advice.

We’re knowledgeable – Our skilled team of accountants have many years of experience to handle any queries you may have.

We handle everything for you –including invoicing your agency and paying across your taxes to HMRC so there’s no unexpected tax bills.

We’re great value – not only do we save you money by making your company as tax efficient as possible, but we also offer brilliant service at an affordable price.

How Quay Contractors help

Why should you set up a Limited Company?

A Limited Company is a separate legal entity, meaning the company’s assets and liabilities are separate from your own personal finances, protecting you from financial issues should the company fall on hard times.

The main benefit of being a director of your own limited company are the tax savings. We structure your wages in the most tax efficient way, paying you through a combination of salary and dividends (if your contract is not caught by IR35). You are also able to claim tax relief on allowable business expenses reducing the amount of tax you pay.

Included in our accountancy package is setting up your limited company, you just need to provide some basic personal information to get started. You don’t need to worry about the administrative aspects associated with running a business, as we take care of all of this for you.

Whether you’re wanting to set up a new limited company, or looking to switch accountants, we can help you every step of the way.